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Why is it called fish?

If l had a pound for every person that has asked me that question over the last 30 years "I would be a millionaire Rodney".

So to answer that question l need to take you back to 1987 when House was smashing it in the clubs, Tyson was smashing it in the ring and l was smashing down walls in a run down shop in Soho to create my own little barber shop.

Soho at the time was buzzy but not as busy. It was a mecca for cool, one off shops and clubs.

Leases could be picked up for a good price which encouraged young designers, DJs and club runners to open up creative spaces in the colourful, eccentric square mile of London.

I managed to get my hands on a unit in D’Arblay Street, just off the infamous Wardour Street, l knew there was a gap in the market that l wanted to fill. Men's grooming at the time was a choice between the overpriced, fluffy unisex hairdressers or a "take your chances" £3 lottery cut at the local barbershop.

Enter my new world order for men's hairdressing: quality cuts at a reasonable price in a reasonable time with a welcoming smile… and a complimentary cuppa!

So, in the summer of 1987 on a shoestring budget and lots of hard graft, l finally opened the doors to Fish Hairdressing 30 D’Arblay Street, Soho , London!

Now, l do realise l still haven't answered the golden question about how the name came about, so, please view the video on the right and you can hear the answer straight from the horses mouth.

And if you are ever down Soho way, feel free to pop in for a cut or just say hello; the door is always open and the kettle is always on!

Thanks for listening and keep on styling.

Paul Burfoot.
Fish Founder.

The door is always open and the kettle is always on!

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