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Why is it called fish?

If l had a pound for every person that has asked me that question over the last 30 years "I would be a millionaire Rodney".

So to answer that question l need to take you back to 1987 when House was smashing it in the clubs, Tyson was smashing it in the ring and l was smashing down walls in a run down shop in Soho to create my own little barber shop.

Soho at the time was buzzy but not as busy. It was a mecca for cool, one off shops and clubs.

Leases could be picked up for a good price which encouraged young designers, DJs and club runners to open up creative spaces in the colourful, eccentric square mile of London.

I managed to get my hands on a unit in D’Arblay Street, just off the infamous Wardour Street, l knew there was a gap in the market that l wanted to fill. Men's grooming at the time was a choice between the overpriced, fluffy unisex hairdressers or a "take your chances" £3 lottery cut at the local barbershop.

Enter my new world order for men's hairdressing: quality cuts at a reasonable price in a reasonable time with a welcoming smile… and a complimentary cuppa!

In the summer of 1987 on a shoestring budget and lots of hard graft, I finally opened the doors to Fish Hairdressing 30 D’Arblay Street, Soho, London.

So, why did I name the brand Fish? When I first bought the salon and was stripping back the wallpaper, a lady walked past asking what we were up to. I responded, I'm turning it into a barber shop which was when she said "I used to buy my fish here during the war"... and that answers the question of why I called the brand Fish.

Thanks for listening and keep on styling.

Paul Burfoot, Fish Founder

The door is always open and the kettle is always on!

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