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School kid

Too cool for school

Remember this time of year as a lad?

Playing out until the street lights came on, the football season restarting with hope and optimism, your mum dragging you down the high street for new school shoes and the countdown to when the dreaded school term started?

Then, as we all rolled back into assembly, decked out in regulation blazers, a shirt and tie, the only way we could show our individuality was through our haircut.

Hairstyles then could denote alliance to certain youth movements and fashions such as Mods, Skins, Rockers, and Hippies… or the geeky section of pupils who didn’t give a monkeys about style or fashion. For those people, the usual go-to cut was the result of mum placing a bowl on their head in the kitchen.

Today’s youth tend to be more generic with fashion and subculture groups, but their hair has evolved, with boys generally paying much more attention to their cut, style and hair products.

This ultimately stems back to an increased availability of styling products, while social media has provided them with the education and confidence to be more creative and individual.

Long gone are the days of just a dollop of gel or squirt of hairspray; waxes, clays, putty and pomades are all readily available in various strengths and finishes and at pocket money prices!

It’s no longer uncool to discuss hair in the school yard – in fact, phrases such as quiff, skin fade, and side part are common place… and certain hair styling brands have become a badge of honour to sport.

We at Fish have created the Super Fish range especially for the youth market, which has extra hold and finish to guarantee they get through a boisterous school day.

So as my mum used to say, you are never too cool for school son – but in this day and age, your hair just might be!

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