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Stylist of the month: Reece

Born-and-raised a North Londoner, Reece has been in the firm for the last 4 years, from graduating as an apprentice to becoming a fully qualified member of the team.

After attending university, he soon realised that the psychology course he had chosen, just wasn’t his calling. He started training as a barber, quickly becoming a fully-fledged hairdresser. Reece always says it was the best move he has ever made.

He loves working in creative environments with like-minded people. For this fellow, the Fish Shop rooted in Soho, is a creative haven. Many of his clients work in film, music and design.

Apart from the love of his life – his newly-wed Kat Hennesy - he has a real passion for everything pop culture, films, TV and video games.

Reece is also a keen artist, specialising in Manga cartoons and can often be seen sketching away in between clients. Being a North-London boy, he appreciates a bit of footie and avidly follows Spurs.

As the Guvnor, all l can say about Reece is that l am very proud to have him on board. His work is second to none and his passion for work and life always shines through with a heart of gold and a big smile on his face.

So, if you fancy an appointment with Reece, give us a call or pop in for a complimentary consultation. He is fully qualified in cutting and colouring. Bonus: Reece will always share with you the latest in comicons!

Thanks for listening and keep on styling.

Paul Burfoot.
Fish Founder.

Heart of gold and a big smile on his face

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