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On my head, son!

It was in December, 1970 and my first visit to the Stamford Bridge to watch my beloved team Chelsea. It happened to be a fairytale ending to the game with Peter Osgood (my hero) scoring the winner against London rivals, West Ham.

l remember - to the amusement of a packed train of supporters - telling my dad that it was the best day of my life and also that l wanted to grow my hair like Alan Hudson (Chelsea Midfielder). I was 7.

Little did l know my future would be that of a men’s hairdresser and that a lifelong love affair with the club would begin.

Now as a Chelsea fan for the last 45 years, it has not just been about kicking a ball that day in 1970. I fell in love, not only with the football, but also the whole culture from boots to barnets.

Cut to 45 years later and my interest in men’s hair as a lad has come to fruition. For the last 30 years, l have been a barber, owning my own shop – the infamous Fish Salon in Soho, London- with a range of styling products to match.

Through those years of styling hair l often draw on the football terrace scene for inspiration, whether it’s from the wedge of the 1980s casual or the crop of the 1970s boot boys.

I also had the privilege of styling Chelsea’s Captain John Terry… AND, this year Fish will be proudly advertising at Chelsea games!

I’m sure after all these years of hard graft to get business to where it is l will be a little emotional when l am at the match to see my company emblazoned on a now digital hoarding.

Unfortunately, the terraces are now long gone and the grounds too sterilised for my liking but, l will still be there with the boys in the shed end - still singing, still loving it and still taking inspiration from the men in the know - Up the blues!

Paul Burfoot,
Fish Founder.

p.s. I would like to thank my dad Percy Burfoot for that memorable day at the bridge – oh, and Alan Hudson for giving me the inspiration!

Styling Chelsea’s Captain John Terry

Fish Mullet, inspiration for Fish Wax 1989, Chris Waddle for Loaded Magazine, 1996

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