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Mods V Rockers

If you had to pull out two iconic hairstyles from British youth subculture then in my book it would have to be the Mods and Rockers of the mid 60s to early 70s.

To celebrate the historic Bank Holiday battles between the two rival groups here is quick a rundown.

The Mods were clean cut, scooter riding youth who loved dressing sharp and getting down to Soul, rhythm and blues, ska and beat. Their hairstyles of choice ranged from the sharp Caesar cut, the French crop, the fringe cut, to the more layered look with plenty of back combing and hairspray.

The Rocker look on the other hand with their tough leather clad motorcycle image boogied to the sound of their American idols such as Eddie Cochran, Bo Diddly and Sweet Gene Vincent. The common rocker hairstyle was more limited with the Pompadour and Quiff styles sported and slicked back with a large helping of grease, hence the nickname ‘Greasers’.

Both hairstyles from the original Mods and rockers of the 60s have stood the test of time and we can still see them being worn today, they have become classics that have stood the test of time.

Our Fish styling range reflect this with product that can be used for both looks. So if you wanna go Mod or Rocker, or a bit of both and be a Mocker then we have got the gear for you!

The Modern Mod look

Fish modern take on the original Mod look, styled with Original Fish Fingers Shape Defining Wax and finished with the Super Hold Fish Sticks Hairspray


The Modern Rocker look

Fish modern take on the original Rocker look is styled with the Dapper Fish Pomade and finished our Super Hold Fish Sticks Hairspray.

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