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Man & Boy

As owner of the Fish hairdressing shop in Soho, which has been running now for 30 years, people ask me what are my proudest moments.

The occasional celebrity client? The launch of a new product? Yes to all of those and many more but one of the most rewarding is to have clients that have stayed true to the shop from the day of opening in 1987.

We have watched these clients grow from boys to men whilst styling their hair, a relationship is formed on every six week appointments, through banter and laughter.

Apart from the obvious subject of what hairstyle and which Fish product they should use, the chat can be anything from first relationship to first job, moving into their new pad, favourite footie team, a new motor etc. the bond can become very strong on many levels.

The icing on the cake though is when we have seen a client grow from boy to man and then the day comes when he brings his son in for his first cut, that to me is one of my proudest moments .

I'm proud that my staff offer a good service and a kind ear; proud that the man is still a loyal customer; but most of all proud of the fact that he trusts us to sit his son in the chair, throw over the cutting gown, look at the little fella in the mirror and start the whole cycle again with the words: ‘right, what's it going to be today sir ‘.

Paul Burfoot

p.s. some kids haven't Dads, so l use the word Dad lightly, it could be a mum, uncle, brother etc x

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