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Holiday Hair Insurance


Hitting the beach at the end of summer for some well-deserved sun and fun?

Want to make sure your barnet is on top form? If yes, follow our essential guide to keeping your style whilst maintaining a healthy head of hair on holidays.


Right then – passport check, best clobber check, sun cream check, tuneage downloaded check. Now, what about the hair department? Well, there is no need to take all and sundry. You can save space and weight with our Fish Minis at 25g each. They should easily last you a couple of weeks and they are a perfect to pop in your hand luggage.

Hairdryers can also be a right pain to lug about. So, why not invest in a foldable travel-size? They can still do a great job and are half the size. If you can’t be bothered, most hotels should provide one, why not give them a quick call before your holiday and check.

Finally, a quality wide-tooth comb or small paddle brush is all you need to maintain your style and invigorate the scalp. You’re good to go!


Cut - A nice haircut a few days before you leave is best - this will get rid of any split ends which are prone to more damage. This is highly recommended before you go to avoid white tan lines on your return cut, especially if you are sporting a nice close fade on the sides or an all-over crop.

Colour - Hair colour fades in the sun. A shade darker will help maintain your preferred look if you intend to colour before you go.

Conditioning - A couple of deep conditioning treatments the week before will help to hydrate and protect the hair shaft providing a barrier from the elements.


UV rays, salt and chlorine - are the worst types of elements you can throw at your hair leaving it frazzled, faded and dry.

The ultimate protection is to cover it up all day with a hat, sit in the shade or borrow a floral swimming cap from your Nan. If you're not up for any of those options, then make sure to rinse all salt or chlorine straight after a swim with fresh water.

Styling products - Try to avoid wearing styling products in the direct sun as most contain alcohol and will burn your barnet further.

There are plenty of UV hair-protection sprays on the market but you can save some money by mixing your body sunscreen with conditioner and combing through before you hit the beach. Just make sure to apply your shampoo whilst the hair is dry to remove and you will be left with super soft, shiny hair. You are ready to party!


After a roasting on the beach and a cheeky disco nap, it’s time for a tune up before you hit the town.

Shampoo & Conditioner – So to start, a good hair scrub up is in order. Always invest in a good hydrating shampoo. If you have dry or thick hair, conditioner is a good shout (comb through wet hair with a wide tooth comb, making sure to start at the ends to avoid tangles and breakage).

Invigorate your scalp - A paddle brush through the hair and scalp is a relaxing way to finish your regime and to stimulate your follicles before styling.

Freshen up – And, if you don’t have time for a hair wash (you're camping or simply gone straight from beach to bar), you can slip a cheeky can of our Dryfish Dry Shampoo in your bag. This will de-oil, freshen and texturise your barnet for the night ahead.

Styling - A good tip is to dry your hair before dressing. This will give it time to set cold and stop the style from flopping as the hair is still warm.

And now for the finishing product: whether you are slicking, quiffing or curling we would advise using all styling products sparingly as the evening humidity can make products run. You can always slip one of our Fish Minis in your pocket for a top-up if a cheeky tune up is required.

Well that’s about it from our holiday hair tips. So from all of us, we hope you have a good one and if you're flying the flag for Fish, make sure your barnet is cool, healthy, and stylish this summer!

Paul Burfoot,
Fish Founder

Perfect to pop in your hand luggage

Borrow a floral swimming cap from your Nan

This will de-oil, freshen and texturise your barnet for the night ahead.

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