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Dapperfish… for a new generation

We at Fish pride ourselves on our formulations. All our ideas for new products come straight from the shop floor of our little old hair shop in Soho. We look at current styles but also draw inspiration for tips and ideas from our vast array of clients.

There is a huge amount of choice out there in the men’s styling market and we at Fish don’t intend to add to it lightly. Our ethos is to improve on these market formulations by cranking up performance and adding a Fish Twist. That’s why we are excited about the launch of our cracking new product 'Dapper Fish', the pomade for a new generation.

Firstly, a little about pomade. Derived from the French word (pommade) meaning ointment, it has actually been around for donkey's years. Originally from the 18th/19th century it was then made from bear fat, lanolin, beeswax and petroleum jelly .....nice! It became a big hit in the 50's with the Greaser look. The pomades used were of a very oily consistency and used to create such styles as the Pomp, Quiff or Ducktail which required slick, high shine. Think Elvis and those good old Teddy boys.

The problem with these ‘old skool’ petroleum based pomades was that it was very difficult to wash them out and as a result of the very high oil content, they often encouraged skin problems like acne on the forehead and scalp... the last thing you want to complement your rockin’ haircut!

The other main problem was the lack of hold in the finished style, hence the classic teddy boy image where you would always see him combing back his oily hair into a quiff.

Cut to today and as we know these styles are back in vogue, albeit modern day versions. Boys to men are sporting 40's and 50's styles incorporating extreme fades, crisp tram lines, side parts, slick backs and quiffs. So in true fashion, we at Fish have launched our own modern day version of the ‘old skool’ Pomade to make it the best performing product for today's guy.

It became a big hit in the 50s

Evolution not revolution comrades

The benefits of our Dapper Fish Pomade:

  • Washes out easily as it is water based, so no need for an astringent shampoo that will strip the hair of its natural oils.
  • We have added a little stiffening ingredient which gives a firm hold without drying hard leaving it pliable and re-workable.
  • Its clear consistency won’t leave any colour residue in the hair.
  • It smooths and shines both low and high styles.
  • It smells awesome!

That’s it folks. We hope you enjoy our 'Dapper Fish' as much as we have enjoyed making it. Evolution not revolution comrades…stay Dapper!

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