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1987 Where it all began

Let us take you back to ‘80s Soho – the colourful, vibrant (some may say wicked, mate) hub for young creatives. House music was smashing it in the clubs, Mike Tyson was smashing it in the ring and Fish Founder Paul Burfoot was smashing down walls in a run-down sex shop to create his own barbershop.

Fuelled with the creative and quirky attitude which has always driven the brand, Paul spotted a gap in the market he wanted to fill. At the time, men’s grooming was a choice, only between the overpriced, fluffy unisex hairdresser’s, or a £3 lottery cut at the local barbershop.

So on a shoestring budget and after lots of hard graft, Paul opened the doors to his shop at 30 D’Arblay Street, London. He had stripped the walls of the former sex shop, to discover beautiful art deco tiles revealing the shop’s former life as a fishmonger’s. The name Fish was born.

As the years on the shop floor unfolded, legendary hairstyles were created or reinvented with a modern twist, whilst up and coming clients, later to become “icons”, flooded through the doors. From The Soho Crop and The Mullet (inspired by ‘80s pop culture) to a young Kate Moss, personally styled by Paul on her first shoot with Tony Briggs.

Then in 1995, true to this spirit, Paul invented the first water-soluble hair wax as a solution for guys who were unable to wash out the thick grease, typical of the time. It sold like hotcakes! So began a brand for the people, and the rest as they say, is Fishtory!


Fast forward 30 years and Fish is still firmly planted on the hairstyling map. Staying faithful to its Soho heritage – always ahead of the game - we continue to produce iconic hairstyles and critically-acclaimed products. From the half-mod/half-retro Razorfish Cut, the ‘Becks’ which inspired a nation during the 2002 World Cup, or the more recent man bun, to the first male dry shampoo with texturizing benefits for fresh hair on the move; it all started in Soho.

So whether you prefer the messy, ‘just got out of bed’ look or a slick, smooth barnet, the Fish salon has a style and a range of products, to suit you.

Now to the next 30 years! Happy Birthday to us and keep on styling.

Paul and the Fish Stylists

Let us take you back to ‘80s Soho

Fast forward 30 years

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