Washbag Special Offer - Fish - Born in Soho
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Washbag Special Offer

· Free with Dryfish Dry Shampoo

Because we’re nice, the first 150 orders of Dryfish Texturising Dry Shampoo we receive online will get:
  1. A full sized Fish brand travel washbag
  2. Fish Original Fishshape Cream – 25ml (travel size)
  3. Fish Original Fishfingers Wax – 25ml (travel size)
  4. Fish Original Stonefish Clay – 25ml (travel size)
Tackle life
Curl up and dry
Curl up and dry
If you have curls, then why fight them by straightening them to death?
The French Crop
The French Crop
Smart, short style, tapered on the sides and worn forward on the to...
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