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The Kerfuffle

lf you have curls this style enables you to go with the flow and embrace your natural locks with a look that brings out the definition and volume. Once you have applied your base styling product, these are the best ways to dry your curly hair.

This is the best technique if you have the time, avoid running your fingers through your barnet whilst drying as this will create frizz.

A hairdryer can be used on a low heat and speed to avoid frizz. Scrunch the hair with your palms with your head flipped upside down.

A diffuser is an attachment for your hairdryer that disperses the airflow, giving you faster drying times and extra volume. For best results, flip your head upside down.

Here’s a cheeky tip if you’re really running late; turn up the AC, heating or get the windows down on your motor - it acts like a big hood dryer (on wheels), then apply your finishing product in the rear-view mirror and arrive in style.

Go with the flow and embrace your natural locks

How to Style

Step 1

Apply Original Fish Shape Texturising Cream sparingly on wet hair to bring out the curls and to give hold.

Step 2

Bring it all back off the face using fingers then one of the drying tips above.

Step 3

Use Original Fish Fingers Shape Defining Wax sparingly for definition and shine.

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