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The French Crop

With their obsession of music, clothes and generally looking sharp, the Mods of the early 1960s were equally as passionate about their hair, taking influences from ltaly.

Cuts such as the Perry Como, the Caesar and - my personal favourite - the French Crop; a smart, short style, tapered on the sides and worn forward on the top with a short fringe. It can be worn choppy and textured or with a smoother finish with a side part. The perfect cut to complement the clean lines of a well-cut modernist whistle.

What to ask for:

Depending on preference, the sides and back of this modern day version can be taken as short as desired. For best results, the top can be point cut to give some texture and thinning scissors used to remove excess weight.

The original mods shied away from any styling products preferring a 'dry look' and only applied lacquer. For a more flattering current look, a small amount of Original Fishfingers Wax is preferable to give added texture on the top and on the fringe area. A high side part is optional and can be created with a comb. We are the Mods!

Thanks for listening and keep on styling.

Paul Burfoot.
Fish Founder.

Top image: Paul Burfoot, Fish Founder, bringing back the french crop in 1991. Photography by Tony Briggs (

Steve McQueen, 1960. Scanned by jane for Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans website: Enjoy!

Smart, short style, tapered on the sides and worn forward on the top with a short fringe

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