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The Barmy Army

Want to still look sharp but with a relaxed edge, then this one is for you. The Barmy Army is a variation on the more structured quiff, but with a cheeky side parting and foppish fringe.

Very easy to style with our two-product process and guaranteed to stay locked in all day. The beauty of the Fish range is that our formulations are designed so that they can be used stand-alone or you can mix them to create different holds, textures and finishes.

So, to style this bad boy your base product is our Original Memory Fish Gel; work it through towel-dried hair, then on a low heat work through, moulding and sculpting with fingers for a more relaxed look. Alternatively, use a wide tooth comb to really accentuate the parting.

To finish, apply our Super Hold Fish Sticks Hairspray straight from the can or apply to hands to mould in your finished look. We promise you our Super Hold range is the daddy of hardcore hold, so this style is going nowhere!

But if it does, here’s a cheeky little Fish tip. If you’re out and have a hair crash, you can reactivate our products by wetting your hands, give them a shake, then run your fingers back through your barnet and leave to air dry. Lifesaver on a date!

Very easy to style with our two-product process and guaranteed to stay locked in all day

How to Style

Step 1

On towel dried hair, apply Original Memory Fish Flexible Gel to mid-lengths. Mould and sculpt style with fingers or comb.

Step 2

Dry off with a hair dryer on low to medium heat.

Step 3

To finish the style, spray Super Fish Fish Sticks Hairspray on hair or on hands and mould hair to create the style.

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