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For… smooth, tousled styles


This one's for all the guys with mid-length or long hair who are still searching for their everyday look.

If a super beachy, matt finish isn't up your street, we think you're going to dig this smooth and tousled style, with a slight glossy finish - created using 1-2 styling products only.

If the idea of applying minimal products, being able to easily style your hair without 'flaffing' and still managing to nail your chosen look (without having to wake up at stupid o'clock) sounds appealing, don't forget to check out our latest tutorial (above) and the simple step-by-step how-to instructions below.

How to style


If your hair needs to be tamed but requires some extra volume, it’s time to reach for our new Volume Cream Pomade Foaming Mousse.

Shake the can well, dispense a small amount of foam into the hands and work through your hair until product is no longer visible.

By following this step alone, hair will look smooth and naturally tousled, with a slightly glossy finish.

Step 2

Add our Super Hold Freeze Fixing Hairspray as an extra step if you’re keen to lock your style in-place all day long.

To apply, first shake the can well and then spray from arm’s length (making sure to avoid the roots).

The end result? Smooth style and maximum control.

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