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Bang Tidy

This classic style, inspired by the French Crop of the 1960s, takes a little work but is well worth it! Stylish and cool it enhances any look smart or casual and complements a sharp-cut whistle perfectly.

This look requires a three-product regime for best results. So once scrubbed up, apply your base styler which is Original Aquafish Putty on towel-dried hair. Using a hairdryer blast the hair dry, then with our revolutionary Original Dryfish Dry Shampoo, apply a few squirts to the root, this will give your barnet magic volume and lift and enable the style to keep its structure.

To finish off, and give some definition and a little shine, use our Original Fishfingers Wax on the mid-lengths and tips only, especially to separate the fringe.

You’re then tidy…bang tidy!

complements a sharp-cut whistle perfectly

How to Style

Step 1

On wet hair, apply Original Aquafish Putty, then dry off with a hair dryer to create texture.

Step 2

Apply Original Dryfish Dry Shampoo to add more texture and some root-lifting.

Step 3

Finish it all off by adding a little Original Fishfingers Wax to the ends and fringe to create definition.

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