The Wavy Navy

Got medium/long hair?

Re-energise that mane with top salon tips from our founder, Paul.

Paul tells us "The Wavy Navy, this style is for medium to long hair.

This style works best if the hair is cut in advance to nice layers to give texture and body.

To start the process, you want to take a small amount of shaping cream, a 5 pence size, and rub it right the way through your hands and make sure there is no clumping.

Work it through towel dried hair and then we get busy, take small sections and work them into barrel curls, working right the way through and as this starts to dry it will drop into a nice messy disheveled look.

Now, you can finish it and lock it down with the Flexyfish spray wax, this will keep it a bit mallable and also keep it set throughout the day."

This style works best if the hair is cut in advance to give nice texture and body!
Step 1

Take a small amount of Fishshape Cream, rub it through your hands making sure there is no clumping and then work it through towel-dried hair.

Step 2

Take small sections and work it through curls - working right the way through. When it would start to dry, it would all drop into a nice messy dishevelled look.

Step 3

Finish it with Flexyfish Spray Wax to keep malleable and in place through the day.

Original Fishshape
Original Fishshape
Texturising Cream - 100ml
Firm hold | Natural finish
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