The Side Party

Short hair doesn't have to be boring.

Show your fun side with Fish hairstyling essentials.

Paul tells us "This style is called the side party. It's a great contemporary look with a vintage twist, whether you party on the right or the left, it's easy to stall a managed look.

Works best on short to medium hair and suits any occasion, but most of all loves to party.

Start this look on wet hair. Comb out hair and clearly define the parting to the right or to the left, then apply super fish slick fish gel and comb through until the hair is evenly covered.

Once set apply fishsticks fixing hair spray but longer hold and you are good to go."



The Side Party look

Easy to achieve, this style is neat and crisp!
Step 1

Take a small amount of Superfish Slickfish Gel and work it through the hands and apply to towel-dried hair.

Step 2

Take a comb and create the side parting from the crown all the way forward. Then cross it over and if you prefer with a little quiff on the front.

Step 3

Finish the style locking it down with Superfish Fishsticks Hairspray.

Superfish Fishsticks
Superfish Fishsticks
Fixing Hairspray
Superfish Slickfish
Superfish Slickfish
Wet-Look Gel
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