The McGregor

With a strong Irish connection at the Fish Salon, it is no surprise that we are supporting MMA legend ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor. His standout accolades include 2012 Cage Warrior Featherweight and Lightweight champion, first fighter to hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously... You name it, he fights it.

Our fellow Irishman is known for his outstanding achievements in the ring as well as his sharp sense of style. Style, not fashion, right mate? McGregor is to Ultimate Fighting what Becks is to football; a bold and fierce swagger of a man who wears what he wants - redefining every day the concept of a "power suit".

A Legend in the Octagon and in the street, Conor was the inspiration for Fish’s tough and edgy look – 'The McGregor'. Very easy to style and maintain with a high shine finish, it complements a classic fade cut with one length on top perfectly.

Just as the man who gave his name to this look, this style does it all; use a hairdryer to create volume or your fingers for a more casual look. Lock it all down with our Superfish Fishsticks Hairspray built with knockout-resistant hold. This look is not going anywhere in a hurry.

And if someone does ruffle your locks, here’s a cheeky Fish tip to keep your barnet in shape: wet your hands, give them a shake then work them back through you hair and finish with a comb if needed, this will reactivate the product and you’re back in the game!

The Conor McGregor Look

A Legend in the Octagon and in the street, Conor was the inspiration for Fish’s tough and edgy look – ‘The McGregor”.
Step 1

On towel-dried hair, apply Original FishFingers Wax.

Step 2

Work the product back through the hair using a comb or for a more relaxed look, use your fingers.

Step 3

To finish, apply a nice helping of Superfish Fishsticks Hairspray to lock down.

Original Fishfingers
Original Fishfingers
Shape Defining Wax - 100ml
Medium hold | High shine
Superfish Fishsticks
Superfish Fishsticks
Fixing Hairspray - 200ml
Hardcore hold | Matt finish
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